Edessa is an ancient town of 25,000 inhabitants in Central Macedonia, capital of the Pella Prefecture. Famous for its many waterfalls and trees, Edessa is virtually unknown to tourists. The town is one of the most beautiful cities of Greece, with streams, bridges and parks. There are many small wate...

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town, see Pella (municipality). For other uses, see Pella (disambiguation). Pella (Greek: Πέλλα), is an ancient city located in the current Pella regional

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Thassos is part of the northeastern Aegean islands and it is located just off the coast of mainland Greece. Its shape is almost circular and its landscape is mountainous and verdant. The island was called “emerald of the Aegean” because of its large and verdant pine forest and olive groves; a hu...

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the capital of Thassos. http://ithassos.com/greece-thassos/metalia-beach/ Glykadi Beach Thassos: Just 4.5 km north-west of Port Thassos beach is Glikadi

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Kalymnos is a Greek island in the southeastern Aegean. It belongs to the Dodecanese and is located west of the peninsula Bodrum (ancient Halicarnassus), between the islands of Kos and Leros. Kalymnos is an attractive island with a population of about 12,000 inhabitants, who mostly live in the capita...

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For the coastal tanker, see MV Kalymnos. Kalymnos, (Greek: Κάλυμνος) is a Greek island and municipality in the southeastern Aegean Sea. It belongs to the

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Trikala Prefecture is located in the Thessaly plains of central Greece. The prefecture boasts some beautiful cities and the amazing monastery community of Meteora, situated in one of the most breathtaking mountainous terrains of Greece. Visitors may find unique landscapes with mountains, lakes, open...

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other uses, see Trikala (disambiguation). Trikala (Greek: Τρίκαλα) is a city in northwestern Thessaly, Greece, and the capital of the Trikala regional unit

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Belonging to the Dodecanese, but closer to the Cyclades cluster, Astypalea is a charming destination with a typical Cycladic landscape. Shaped as a butterfly, Astypalea is 18km long, 13km wide and covers an area of about 99km.

The coast is rocky, and the beaches mainly pebbly. The main po...

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Fokionísia, Khondró, Khondronísi (all uninhabited except Astypálaia) Villages: Astypalea or Chora (pop. 1,036), Analipsi or Maltezana (149), Livadi (39), Vathi

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