Tilos is a small Dodecanese island situated northwest of Rhodes and southwest of Symi. The island has a surface area of about 61km² and it is inhabited by approximately 500 people. The island captures the imagination of anyone interested in paleontology, for here there once lived a prehistoric...

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the forested area on the island of La Palma, Canary Islands, see Los Tilos. Tílos (Greek: Τήλος; ancient form: Telos) is a small Greek island and municipality

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Kilkis is a small provincial city in Central Macedonia. As of 2001, there were 17,430 people living in the city and a total of 24,812 people living in the administrative area of the municipality of Kilkis. It is also the capital of the prefecture of Kilkis and the capital of one of the two local...

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unit, and 51,926 in the municipality of Kilkis. It is also the capital city of the regional unit of Kilkis. Kilkis is located in a region that was multi-ethnic

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Hersonissos is a village in the Heraklion Prefecture of Crete, with a total population of 882, based on the 2001 census. Located on the foot of Harakas hill, it is 25.8 km away from Heraklion and the inhabitants are mainly occupied in the tourism sector. It is a family-friendly destination,...

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Hersonissos is officially the Port of Hersonissos (Greek: Λιμένας Χερσόνησου, Liménas Chersónisou) in distinction to the village of Upper Hersonissos

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Patmos is the northernmost island of the Dodecanese cluster. It has a population of about 3,000 people and an area of 34.05km. The island is charming, picturesque and tranquil. It has a very salubrious climate and a clear atmposphere. Patmos is a mountainous island, with limited vegetation, lacy...

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For the town in Hempstead County, Arkansas, see Patmos, Arkansas. Patmos (Greek, Πάτμος; Italian: Patmo) is a small Greek island in the Aegean Sea. One

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Milos is well known as the place where the famous statue of Venus –now in the Louvre Museum in Paris– was discovered. The island is located in the southwestern Cyclades with a surface area of 151km² and a population of 4,720 – 2001 census. It is an island with a magnificent gulf,...

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male name, see Miloš. For the refugee ship, see Patria disaster. Melos redirects here; for the Japanese short story, see Run, Melos. Milos or Melos (/ˈmɛlɒsˌ

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