The Prefecture of Etoloakarnania is the westernmost part of Central Greece, and borders to the southeast with Fokida, and northeast with Evritania. This is the largest prefecture in Greece and combines the beauty of sea and mountains. In 2004, the “Rio – Antirio” bridge was completed,...

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results 2011 (Greek) Kallikratis reform law text PDF Official website Etoloakarnania's News Portal culture.gr on Aitoloakarnania Structurae on Aitoloakarnania

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Milos is well known as the place where the famous statue of Venus –now in the Louvre Museum in Paris– was discovered. The island is located in the southwestern Cyclades with a surface area of 151km² and a population of 4,720 – 2001 census. It is an island with a magnificent gulf,...

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male name, see Miloš. For the refugee ship, see Patria disaster. Melos redirects here; for the Japanese short story, see Run, Melos. Milos or Melos (/ˈmɛlɒsˌ

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Arta is a city in northwestern Greece, in the province of Epirus, with rich history. The Arta prefecture is one of the least fertile regions of Greece and its tourism rates are low. Its charm may well be that it still remains under the radar. However, there are many reasons to visit the...

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Arta or ARTA may refer to: People Arta (Kamuia), elder brother of the 1st century BCE Indo-Scythian ruler Maues Arta Dobroshi (born 1979), Kosovar actress

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Fournoi is a cluster of small Greek islands near Ikaria, Samos and Patmos in the North Aegean region. The two largest islands of the cluster are Fournoi (31sq.km-12sq.m) and Thymaina (10sq.km-3.9sq.m). They are inhabited, as is Agios Minas (2.3sq.km-0.9sq.m) in the east. Fournoi is also the...

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Phourni. Fournoi Korseon (Greek: Φούρνοι Κορσέων or Greek: Φούρνοι Ικαρίας - Fournoi Ikarias), more commonly simply Fournoi, is a complex or archipelago

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Arachova is a tourist destination because of its proximity to popular Delphi, but was equipped with a ski resort in the late 20th century. Traditional and popular activities are held by the locals, such as traditional dances and the reviving of the battle of Arachova against the Turks....

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the 1826 Battle of Arachova. The cheese Formaela from Arachova has been designated as a protected designation of origin. Arachova is situated at about

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